Predictive Analytics

Discover your future

Look to the future

Having access to predictive analytics is like having your own crystal ball. Offering you the chance to peer into the future and give you confidence about the likely outcomes of decisions you might want to take.


didici makes predictive analytics accessible to everyone in a business. In most businesses, operators have to rely on scarce resources such as data scientists or management information teams which can take time to process their requests.


Stream all your data sources into the didici platform alongside additional syndicated data provide by didici.


Remove outliers through our outlier identification and brushing system, then didici and combine your data sources.


Using statistical analysis and machine learning, didici builds evolving models based on the aggregated data.


Use the modelling to predict likely outcomes so you can plan your resources and inform your team of what to expect

Predictive analytics for everyone

didici uses a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to continually evolve statistical models to increase confidence is likely outcomes

Operators can use predictive analytics specifically based on the areas of the business they are responsible for, enabling them to improve their local level decision making.

User friendly forecasting ‘What if?’ tools to understand the likely impact of making a change enables operators to test their ideas before putting them in place.

Prescriptive Analytics – the next frontier

While predictive analytics will tell you what a likely outcome of a decision might be, prescriptive analytics will tell you how to react to a certain situation.


Businesses who have gained the experience of using predictive analytics see Prescriptive analytics as being the next step and evolution in their decision-making processes.


Through the use of didici’s machine learning and AI capabilities, businesses who are at this stage of their data journey, will be able to take advantage of prescriptive analytics and for operators, this is at its most powerful when used with didici’s Outlier Identification alerts.