Showing you where to focus first

Looking for needles in haystacks…

People are often drawn to either top and bottom performers or looking at issues where there are the greatest variances compared to previous reporting periods.


This often leads to many things going un-noticed as they are masked by data being aggregated or people simply having a specific area of interest that overlooks the fine detail.


didici’s Outlier Identification system quickly alerts you to the specific areas of your business where you need to focus first.

Focus on the few NOT the many

Under or over performance is often hidden in aggregated data and knowing where to look can be time-consuming. Using didici’s Outlier alerts, you will be able to:

Identify Outliers


Quickly identify which areas of your business are performing differently to how you expected

Analyse Behaviours


See where the areas of concern are and if this is a trend or isolated issue

Understand Root Causes


Learn what has driven the Outlier alert and where specific focus is required

Take Action


Rapidly implement solutions to remedy any issues or share best practices with the rest of the business

Monitor Performance


Monitor the performance of changes and head off potential issues before they become a problem

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