Multiple Data Sources

See your performance through a single pane of glass

There is so much data available – some might say too much!

Data often sits in silos, so when people look at their data they only see part of the picture rather than the big picture.


While it’s easy to see your data sets individually, it’s exceptionally difficult to join them all together to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on in your business; whether you’re at a location level or in the boardroom.

Bring Data In. Take Insights Out.

The challenge for businesses is that issues can be easily masked or missed when data is aggregated, and with so many channels of data to review, it’s difficult to identify where the focus is needed.

For most, they have no way to properly join this data together and see what it’s telling them about their business.

With didici you can:

Effortlessly stream all of your data into one central platform

Easily navigate from one data set to the next or view multiple data sets on one page

Create stronger and more robust analysis using all your data sets

Ensure everyone in your business has one single version of the truth to work from

Seamless Integration

We know how to work with data to integrate it into our platform with the minimum of effort from you regardless of where the data is and what format it’s stored in.