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We help our clients join their data together to give a clearer picture about their business and make better strategic decisions

Multiple data channels

Stream and view all of your data sources in one platform to get a clear picture of your business performance

Powerful visualisations

Data brought to life through engaging and interactive visualisations to help effectively communicate insights

Outlier identification

Uncover which areas of your business are performing outside of the expected control levels

Predictive analytics

See how your business is forecasted to perform and how changes can affect your performance

We’ll help you

join the dots

It can be challenging for multi-location businesses with multiple data channels to identify issues and anomalies can often be masked or hidden. didici enables businesses to bring all their data into one place and see a clear picture of performance.

Our Leadership Team

A wealth of experience in technology, analytics and data insight

Tony Brookes

Tony has over 20 years of technical experience working for and with leading financial institutions in Europe and the USA, conceiving, architecting and building multi-million-pound software development programmes for some of the largest financial services firms in the world.

Technology Director
Mahesh CR

With over 20 years’ experience as a technologist in leading firms across business verticals, Mahesh brings a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and is focused on innovation and leveraging technology for business benefit. Mahesh heads up our technology team and leading the development of the didici platform.

Commercial Director
Tim Ogle

Tim was Co-Founder of Retail Eyes and led the business to become one of the most successful customer experience agencies in the UK. Following the sale of Retail Eyes to Market Force, Tim became CEO of Market Force in Europe before co-founding Shared Insight – a CX business, based in California. Tim works with the didici team in creating a successful strategy that will help achieve its goals.

Marketing Director
Simon Boydell

Simon has held senior strategic marketing roles, overseeing all aspects of marketing activities including taking start-up’s such as Retail Eyes and building the brand to be recognised as a leading voice in customer insight programmes prior to acquisition.

Finance Director
David Cox

David is a certified and chartered accountant who has invested significantly in didici and played a pivotal role in securing the first round of investor funding for didici. David’s experience in accountancy, tax and management consultancy provides didici with a solid financial base from which to grow.

Time To Make A Difference

Enable your business teams to see all their data in one central platform and have greater foresight into how their planning can improve their business.

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