Data Visualisation

Painting the real picture your business

A picture tells a thousand words – and that’s just what our visualisations do.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of time you need to spend looking at data and trying to work out what it means.

Data visualisation on the didici platform helps make large data sets coherent so you can see and tell the story of how your business is performing.

didici lets you quickly navigate with intuitive graphics to highlight success, pinpoint problems, find out what’s changed and act.


Communicate information clearly and efficiently

Our visualisations quickly reveal the data at several levels of detail, from a broad overview to fine detail and highlight what you should focus on first.

Interactive graphics enabling users to navigate with comfort and confidence

Tailored user-access visualisations to show you the data relevant to you

Easy to understand – no complicated charts and you don’t need to be a data scientist

See new or emerging patterns as they develop and compare with past performance

Effortlessly compare and overlay data from different data sources